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SOLD OUT -- Blind Tasting Oregon vs. France, Oct 30, 2021

 Blind taste eight exceptional pinot noirs; four from France and four from Oregon. Event led by our winemaker Steve Lutz, includes lunch.
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This event is sold out. If you'd like to go on the standby list in case someone cancels, please buy your tickets below. We will notify you if a spot opens up, and you will not be charged unless you are able to attend.


11am, Saturday October 30, 2021.

Lenné Estate's winemaker Steve Lutz will lead a blind tasting of eight premium pinot noirs -- four from Oregon's Willamette Valley and four from the Burgundy region of France. Each attendee will sample all 8 wines side by side in their own glasses, and rank their favorites before the surprise reveals. Learn how the world's best pinot noirs vary in aromatics, flavor, and texture depending on different regions, vineyards, and winemakers.

Attendance is limited to 16 guests. Lunch is included after the event, served individually to each attendee.  Event cost is $60/person, standard Lenne wine club member discounts apply.

No other winery in the Willamette Valley conducts these sort of events; refer to our Blind Tastings article for more details.

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