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Lenne Estate - Wheew..just barley.
Wheew..just barley.
 We had record breaking rain at the end of September! But don't panic, the season was early and much of the fruit was in before the deluge this past weekend. At Lenné we were fortunate to have ripe, developed fruit that we harvested Thursday and Friday before the rain. We were also darn lucky to have enough pickers to harvest. The shortage of labor for picking is an ever increasing problem and one we will have to deal with. Most producers scrambled to pick before the weekend and I am sure some had to let fruit hang.haulinggrapes

And what about the grapes that weren't picked? That is a good question and depends on the fragility of the fruit. If the fruit is intact and we get primarily dry weather for the next 10 days those wines will be good. It all depends on how much absorption and disease pressure exist in any given site. Part of our vineyard could have weathered the rain and been okay assuming we had 5 or 6 days of dry weather.mud

But I am glad we got it off. The flavors were good and I am optimistic about the vintage. The tricky part was getting the fruit out of the vineyard. In a wet year we fight slippery conditions on a steep hill which is a little scary. Try driving a tractor in that and you will know what I mean when I say.............wheeew! Somehow the wine gods smiled on us and we ripened our fruit and got it out of the vineyard, just barely.

Post By:   Steve Lutz